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What do the symbols next to the follower titles mean?


♻️ This symbol signifies a guarantee to compensate for unfollows! It means if more unfollows occur beyond the specified limit, free followers will be provided equivalent to the number of unfollows. (Guarantees usually range from 1 to 12 months).

💧It indicates that the Instagram follower service has a high rate of unfollows!

⚠️ Warning of poor service quality! (Fake followers)

⭕️ It signifies that the follower service does not come with a guarantee! If you order from this service and experience a significant drop or unfollows, you will not receive free followers.

Why choose Sydneygram for Buy Instagram followers?

Why choose Sydneygram for Buy Instagram followers?

Quality Variety of Followers: At Sydneygram, you can acquire various types of Instagram followers. These include fake, real, or a combination of both. You can choose followers from different languages, locations, and countries.


Honesty in Quality: At Sydneygram, we honestly disclose the warnings for each type of service. If any Instagram follower service truly has poor quality, we candidly mention its low quality. If there are significant unfollows, we honestly state whether the service experiences drops or not.


Most frequent questions and answers

Sydneygram offers more than 10 types of follower services, and you can view the description of each service before purchasing to obtain the desired quality of followers. Both fake and real followers, as well as a mix of fake and real followers, are visible on the list.

“Drop” refers to the amount of unfollowing. After purchasing, a certain number of followers may unfollow you.

Yes, when purchasing followers, you can enter the desired quantity ranging from 10 to 1 million.

Under one condition! That is, if you purchase a large number of fake followers for a newly established page with no real followers! Never buy fake followers for newly established pages! Try to initially attract real followers through YouTube, Facebook, or content creation. Then proceed to buy real followers! And finally, consider buying fake followers! However, it is never recommended to use fake followers.

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